Cheap personal loan: how to get the best rate?


It is necessary to be based on the APR rate to differentiate a cheap personal loan from another to flee. When you know that a small rate spread can sometimes generate hundreds of euros in additional interest, the use of a credit comparator becomes natural. Let’s compare and identify the cheapest personal loan possible. We will finally see how to ensure that we get a favorable response at the best rate.

Cheap personal loan: where to look, how to compare?

Cheap personal loan: where to look, how to compare?

The personal loan is a classic consumer credit. Intended to finance most projects, it is generally obtained without having to justify the use of money. All credit organizations offer personal loans, just like banks and certain insurers.

Here are the important steps in finding a cheap personal loan:

  • Identify your need for money and your monthly repayment capacity.
  • Compare the loan offers closest to their needs, based on the APR rate.
  • Obtain a favorable and non-binding response in principle online.

The APR rate, a barometer of cheap personal loans

The APR rate (annual effective annual rate) is the only real benchmark indicator in a search for a cheap personal loan. It indicates in fact both the amount of interest due over the term of the loan, but also all additional costs. Our comparator is therefore only based on the APR rate to objectively classify the different personal credit offers.

Cheap personal loan: our ranking

Cheap personal loan: our ranking

Our online credit comparator is connected to the largest organizations, guaranteeing a cheap personal loan proposal. We were thus able to compare different amounts of personal loan online, in order to better understand the cost differences between several of the best rates.


The difference in cost is very important between the best organization and the third. The latter is however one of the most famous of our comparator. A cheap personal loan is not by chance.

Good to know: some players display a cheap personal loan over 12 months at a very low APR rate, sometimes close to 1%. However, very few individuals are actually able to repay $ 10,000 or even a $ 5,000 loan over a year. So be careful not to rush over too commercial offers.

How to get a favorable opinion at the best rate?

How to get a favorable opinion at the best rate?

Identifying a cheap loan has no interest if the request is refused. This is the reason why our comparator is connected to credit organizations. In addition to displaying the best rates, it provides an immediate response in principle to any request. However, a favorable first opinion online at the best rate guarantees an excellent basis for comparison. Let’s take a look at how to get an agreement in principle with your personal loan application in three simple steps.

  1. Use our credit comparison tool by selecting “personal loan”.
  2. Fill out the request form, and see the three offers at the best APR rate.
  3. When the best organization ( Franfinance personal loan in our example) displays a percentage of acceptability in the red (here <5%), it is possible to query the following two. An acceptability rate higher than 60% indicates that the request should be accepted without problem.

Cheap Personal Loan: Late Banks

Banks are lagging behind on the level of personal loan offerings. Our experience in comparing personal loans effectively allows us to say that banks only very rarely offer the best APR rate. They are in reality little specialized in consumer credit offers. This lack of control results in a generally longer processing time. One should not approach a bank in the hope of getting a quick personal loan.

Finally, most conventional or online banks offer cheap personal credit only to their best customers. You must have sufficient income and be able to justify an impeccable maintenance of your account to hope to receive a great offer.

Personal loan: the rate barometer

Personal loan: the rate barometer

We have identified the best offers from our credit comparator, in order to have a precise idea of ​​the current cost of a cheap personal loan.


Best rate statement (2019 personal loan)
Best APR rate from our comparator
Monthly fees
Total cost of credit
5000 $ over 24 months
220.30 $
574.40 $
$ 8,000 over 36 months
220.30 $
574.40 $
$ 10,000 over 48 months
224,13 $
758.24 $
$ 12,000 over 60 months
217.75 $
1065.00 $
$ 15,000 over 60 months
278.31 $
1698.60 $
$ 20,000 over 60 months
371.08 $
2264.80 $


Reminder: any personal loan allows the borrower to retract for 14 days, as specified in the law on personal loans.

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